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Brain-Fuel Depletion: Making Sense of Anxiety and Depression

What is depression?

This question is Googled 9 million times/month … for two reasons:
Because ‘depression’ is very common … and very misunderstood.

Are you confused? Are you or your loved ones suffering? Like a simple explanation that gives knowledge and hope?

Brain-Fuel Depletion is a simple model that explains how stress depletes brain-fuels; and hence causes symptoms such as exhaustion, insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts; and conditions such as postnatal depression, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

We think: That if the problem (how and why you deplete your brain-fuels; and why the range of symptoms is so great) can be made simple … then the solutions become obvious.

Our book – Brain-Fuel Depletion: Making sense of anxiety and depression – is a powerful collaboration between patient and doctor. It empowers people to tackle depression which, with an estimated 120 million sufferers worldwide, has been called: ‘the silent epidemic of the modern world.’

If you’d like to rid yourself of this insidious condition read our free chapters and start taking control of your life.

This book provides you with a complete description of the Brain-Fuel Depletion model and how you can use it to understand anxiety and depression.