Making Sense of Anxiety and Depression

Overcoming Depression and Anxiety Through Clarity and Insight

Explore one of the most enlightening books on depression, ‘Brain-Fuel Depletion’, and embark on a transformative journey toward understanding

Hundreds of millions of people will suffer from depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues at some point in their lives.

It’s been called the silent epidemic and if you struggle with mental health, you are not alone.

Life has a way of getting on top of us and can sometimes feel overwhelming. Work, family commitments, social pressures, media, global instability, politics, and an increasing cost of living are driving record rates of depression across the world.

Brain-Fuel Depletion is a simple, yet powerful model to help people gain clarity towards their mental health.

Through understanding comes empowerment.

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Peter Symons

Brain-Fuel Depletion co-author Peter Symons has overcome his fair share of life’s challenges. Having survived multiple brain hemorrhages, cardiac arrests as well as invasive brain and heart surgeries, Peter is a survivor. However, the most powerless he ever felt was when he suffered severe anxiety and insomnia to the point of contemplating suicide.

Peter was eventually diagnosed with depression. However, upon treatment for his condition, Peter was frustrated with the medical definitions of depression and sought to better understand why he was so close to breaking point. His journey would lead him to meet Dr. Clyde Jumeaux and the Brain-Fuel Depletion model. Finally, Peter could begin to make sense of what almost killed him and has now devoted his life to helping others understand.

For those searching for comprehensive books on depression, ‘Brain-Fuel Depletion’ provides a unique blend of personal experiences and scientific exploration

The book Brain-Fuel Depletion recounts one survivor’s journey through anxiety, insomnia and suicidal ideation whilst providing a simple, intuitive model to some of life’s most challenging and complex questions.

Read more about the Brain-Fuel Depletion Model.

Books on Depression: Peter Symons Co-Authored Brain-Fuel Depletion

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Brain-Fuel Depletion’: A Unique Perspective Among Books on Depression

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Andrew Robb

Author of ‘Black Dog Daze’

I was so impressed by the simple, intuitive and non-confronting explanation of such a complex condition. I’ll purchase many copies for my family and friends.

John Mc Cann

ACT, Australia

I Read this just at a time when depressive “stuff” started to happen to me after many years with no serious impact from depression. I found it extremely helpful.

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brain fuel depletion authors

About the Authors

Peter Symons and Dr. Clyde Jumeaux are the writers of the best-selling book Brain-Fuel Depletion. Setting a new standard in books on depression with ‘Brain-Fuel Depletion.

Learn more about their incredible collaboration by watching a 12-minute documentary. Or read more here.

Brain Fuel Depletion: Making Sense of Anxiety and Depression