Moving Forward: The Evolution of Our Brain-Fuel Depletion Journey

Moving Forward: The Evolution of Our Brain-Fuel Depletion Journey

Key Takeaways:

  1. New Initiative: Peter Symons launches a bold marketing campaign to raise awareness about Brain-Fuel Depletion (BFD).
  2. Engaging Videos: A 12-minute documentary and a 2-minute teaser introduce BFD, featuring Peter’s journey and insights from Dr. Clyde Jumeaux.
  3. Web Series and Blogs: Interviews with Peter and Clyde will provide authentic narratives on BFD, shared via social media.
  4. Website Revamp: The website becomes a comprehensive resource for depression, offering information and personal stories on BFD.
  5. Technical Improvements: Enhanced SEO and back-end strategies ensure wider access to resources.
  6. Vision: The aim is to make BFD well-understood and navigable, driven by empathy and comprehension.

Hello, dear readers, friends, associates and everyone who has found their way to this website. 

Welcome, this is Peter Symons here, and I am genuinely elated to share with you some thrilling news that signals a vital turning point in our collective journey.

As many of you are aware, the topic closest to my heart is Brain-Fuel Depletion (BFD). Over recent months, my team and I have been fervently strategising, planning, and crafting an expanded outreach and deeper impact pathway for this significant subject matter. I’m extremely pleased to announce today the launch of a bold new marketing initiative aimed at raising awareness about Brain-Fuel Depletion to an even wider audience.

A New Initiative

This initiative is born out of a heartfelt belief in the transformative power of the Brain-Fuel Depletion model and, its potential to resonate with, and positively influence numerous lives. Brain-Fuel Depletion is much more than a theoretical model; it’s a beacon for individuals struggling with depression and anxiety, those who may be experiencing Brain-Fuel Depletion, but lack the language to articulate it. Our new direction intends to create that necessary bridge and hopefully provide a simple explanation for what millions of people struggle with globally. 

We’re now entering an exciting era with a fresh impetus for creating engaging video content. We’ve produced an extensive 12-minute short documentary that gives more insights into my personal journey and how I overcame the darkest parts of my life. The documentary also features the mind behind the Brain-Fuel Depletion model and the co-author of the book, Dr Clyde Jumeaux. Clyde offers amazing insights into why BFD is such an effective model based on his years of medical practice.  

There’s also a quick 2-minute teaser video that provides a great introduction to Brain-Fuel Depletion and is designed to be shared far and wide. Please take the time to watch them both and if you feel these videos may resonate with people you know, pass them on!

Web Series and Blogs

Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll also be publishing a web series of sorts. Compiled from a collection of interviews with myself and Clyde which are cut into a series of videos that provide an authentic narrative of Brain-Fuel Depletion, sharing my journey, and experiences. These visual narratives will offer an inside look into the world of Brain-Fuel Depletion, providing solace, inspiration, and invaluable insights. These stories brought to life in the form of videos, will soon be shared on our social media platforms to reach and connect with more people.

Additionally, our website is undergoing a significant transformation. We’re turning it into a go-to resource for anyone grappling with depression and looking for reliable information and support. Expect to discover a rich repository of deep-dive information, personal stories, and fresh perspectives on the less-explored aspects of Brain-Fuel Depletion.

Although less visible, efforts are underway to enhance our SEO and back-end strategies. These technical endeavours are key to making our resources more accessible to those in need and ensuring our messages reach far and wide.

We envision a world where Brain-Fuel Depletion is not a mystery but a well-understood and navigable phenomenon, underpinned by empathy and comprehension.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates, and let’s continue this journey together, forging a future of understanding and hope.

Best wishes,

Peter Symons


  1. What is Brain-Fuel Depletion (BFD)?
  • BFD is a model addressing mental health issues like depression by focusing on neurotransmitter depletion.
  1. Who leads the Initiative?
  • Peter Symons spearheads the initiative, supported by Dr. Clyde Jumeaux.
  1. How can I support?
  • Watch and share videos, engage with content, and contribute personal experiences.