Just 1 reason I wrote a book on depression & anxiety

Book on Depression and Anxiety

Just 1 reason I wrote a book on depression & anxiety

Key Takeaways:

  1. Personal Journey: Peter Symons’ exploration of the Brain-Fuel Depletion model is deeply personal.
  2. Testimonial Validation: Reader testimonials affirm the book’s value and provide vital feedback.
  3. Understanding Mental Health: The book aims to offer understanding and a framework for tackling depression and anxiety.
  4. Impactful Testimonial: A reader’s story underscores the transformative power of understanding in managing mental health challenges.
  5. Comprehensive Treatment: The testimonial emphasizes the importance of a holistic approach to treatment, combining medical and alternative therapies.
  6. Empowering Knowledge: Understanding the Brain-Fuel Depletion model empowers families to find solutions and manage conditions proactively.
  7. Beacon of Hope: The journey from confusion to enlightenment offers hope to others facing similar struggles.
  8. Mission Reinforcement: Each story of recovery reinforces the book’s mission to alleviate suffering and offer hope through understanding.

Hello readers,

This is Peter Symons. The journey of writing about the Brain-Fuel Depletion model in my book on depression and anxiety has been both enlightening and deeply personal. Over the years, I’ve received numerous accounts from individuals who’ve found solace and understanding through the insights presented in this comprehensive book on depression.

Such testimonials are not just affirmations of the work but serve as crucial feedback, providing a human perspective on the theory and its implications. It reinforces the mission that led me to delve into this subject and pen this book on depression – to shed light, offer understanding, and provide a framework for those grappling with complex mental health challenges. Today, I’d like to share with you a poignant testimonial from a reader that underscores the profound impact understanding can have on one’s life journey.

Please note: names have been left out to preserve privacy.

“Hi Peter

Thank you for your emails. Your book has exchanged many hands amongst our church and after reading the blurb I purchased my own copy and a DVD and then so did my mum!

The reason being-in as short as I can. Our 13y/o daughter had an unexplainable mental health breakdown. She has always fought anxiety with mild OCD and bowel problems and we started very early with desensitisation. Mid last year her OCD roared and suddenly ruled her life and she became unable to complete any task or attend school.

We fed her, showered her, dressed her, etc we helped from room to room carrying her when it was all too hard – she laughed it exhausted her, and she had to sleep, when we were still trying to keep up with the math she would do 10mins a day and then fall onto the floor in absolute exhaustion. Her memory had disappeared she could not comprehend or remember new information.

She is intelligent and has great social etiquette and so when we took her to appointments she presented frustratingly well!

My husband was unable to understand her condition and your DVD changed that and saved soooo much angst because I was already feeling stretched and stressed and didn’t want to be mediating as well

Your book gave me a great, easy-to-understand platform to explain things to our daughter and gave her much relief as she thought she was crazy, knowing she was ill took a huge noticable weight off her shoulders.

Your book gave me the place to think about complete treatment; we involved a naturopath as well as the GP, psychologist and psychiatrist, massage, and reflexology. All private (even though my husband wasn’t working at this time) because waiting for anything in the system was not an option; how could we let her suffer in fear and toxins while waiting and waiting?

Our daughter has climbed out of it, is back at school full time after careful slowish beginnings (with good health days when needed) and is striving to catch up with the work she missed (through much disappointment as her brain didn’t always allow her) as she is determined to go to uni. We continue to supplement her with digestion aid, probiotics (2 phase system of repair and replete fabulous cognitive difference in 10 days was an incredible find), magnesium, fish and krill oil, coloxyl, anti-histimine, multivitamin, zinc and c, iron (occasionally) and her prescription Sertraline 200mg. Poor kid rattles, but she also functions–gosh priorities change.

We needed your book, it was the platform, the launching pad for solutions, it moved it to the medical and solveable for all of us–it took away hopelessness and fear in an easy-to-understand model. I’m now lending it to a friend whose 14 y/old daughter has CFS out of the blue. It has alerted me to my own depletion and our yr 11 daughter’s and we slow things down now when things get a bit messy.

So many thank you’s to you and your efforts and thank you for the opportunity to tell you too. Your book was a light at the end of a tunnel.

Brain-Fuel Depletion Reader

It’s heartwarming and immensely rewarding to read such detailed and heartfelt accounts like this. The struggles faced by this young girl, and the profound impact of understanding her condition through the lens of Brain-Fuel Depletion, underscore the very essence of why I felt compelled to pen this book on depression. Navigating the treacherous waters of mental health can be overwhelming, but with the right guidance and knowledge, as this testimonial beautifully articulates, there’s a beacon of hope. 

The journey of this family, from confusion and despair to enlightenment and proactive management, mirrors the potential journey of countless others. It serves as a stark reminder that understanding is power, and that, ultimately, this book aims to light the way for many more families in search of clarity and relief. Every story of resurgence and recovery reinforces the mission: to alleviate suffering and bestow understanding, and therefore hope,  where it’s needed the most.


  1. What is the Brain-Fuel Depletion model?
  • It’s a theory suggesting that mental health conditions like depression and anxiety can result from a lack of essential nutrients and neurotransmitters in the brain.
  1. How does the book help with mental health challenges?
  • By offering a clear understanding of the model and practical strategies for addressing it through nutrition, lifestyle changes, and medical treatment.
  1. Is the model relevant to all mental health conditions?
  • While it primarily focuses on depression and anxiety, its principles may benefit individuals with various mental health issues, though personalized guidance is advised.

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